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Hala Hosni MD


  • Pathology Professor and Head
  • Passionate about advancement
  • M.D. in Pathology
  • High School Diploma and Clinical Nutrition


As a Professor of Pathology at Cairo University, I started in June 2003. During my time there, I enjoyed teaching and mentoring students, spending hours in the laboratory conducting experiments and analyzing data. In August 2015, I was honored to be chosen as the Head of the Pathology Department at the Armed Forces College of Medicine in Cairo, where I have worked since. As Head, I manage a team of pathologists and oversee research projects.

Throughout the years, I have remained committed to advancing the pathology field and contributed to developing new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Working with talented colleagues and students, I have learned a great deal and made a meaningful contribution to the field.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked in such prestigious institutions and look forward to continuing to contribute to advancing pathology in the future.


In March 2003, I obtained my M.D. in Pathology from Cairo University, Faculty of Medicine. This was a significant achievement for me and marked the beginning of my career as a pathologist.

In September 2021, I earned my High School Diploma from the American University in Cairo, which was a proud moment. Additionally, I received a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the same university, which further enhanced my knowledge and skills in pathology.

With my diverse academic background, I have significantly contributed to pathology. My M.D. degree provided me with a strong foundation in the medical sciences. At the same time, my Diploma in Clinical Nutrition allowed me to specialize in the role of nutrition in disease prevention and management. Finally, my High School Diploma has provided me with an international Education and a diverse perspective that has been invaluable in my work as a pathologist.

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