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Dr. Shagufta Dalvi

Dr. Shagufta Dalvi


  • M.D.S. in Pediatrics
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Medical Content Consultant, PharmEasy


Transitioning into a Dental Health Advisor for the Indian Dental Association (I.D.A.), Dr. Shagufta Dalvi dedicated 10 months to educating and guiding individuals on oral health practices. Her commitment to community health and preventive dental care became evident during her tenure. This demonstrated her ability to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and public awareness. This role expanded her understanding of healthcare at a broader level and underscored her dedication to improving oral health on a community scale.

In a brief but impactful stint, Dr. Shagufta Dalvi explored the analytical side of healthcare as a Medical Data Analyst for Vasta Bio-Informatics for 2 months. This experience allowed her to apply her clinical knowledge to extract meaningful insights from medical data. This highlighted her adaptability and versatility in navigating different facets of the healthcare industry. Dr. Shagufta Dalvi’s journey reflects a seamless blend of clinical expertise, community engagement, research contributions, and analytical skills. This makes her a well-rounded and valuable professional in dentistry.


Dr. Shagufta Dalvi is a seasoned dental professional with a rich and diverse dentistry background. With a Master’s in Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) specializing in pediatrics and preventive dentistry, she spent a year as a dental surgeon at Terna Dental College, where she fine-tuned her clinical skills and gained invaluable experience in pediatric dentistry. This period equipped her with a solid foundation for her subsequent roles.

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